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Funded Trend EA Released Updated Version

Funded Trend EA Released Updated Version

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Updated Version!!!

Funded Trend EA: The Ultimate Solution for Prop Firm Funded Accounts 

Price 289$ Per One Account License


The **Funded Trend EA** is a cutting-edge Forex expert advisor designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) terminals. It is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of prop firm funded accounts, providing reliable and consistent trading performance. Below is a detailed description of its main features and capabilities, supported by verified results from multiple accounts.

Key Features


  1. Multi-Pair Trading   - The Funded Trend EA is capable of trading on multiple currency pairs simultaneously. This diversification helps in spreading risk and capturing trading opportunities across different markets.

2. MT4 Terminal Compatibility   - Designed exclusively for the MT4 trading platform, the EA leverages the robust features of this popular terminal to execute trades efficiently and effectively.

3. Verified Results   - The EA boasts verified performance across multiple accounts, ensuring transparency and trust in its trading capabilities. These results demonstrate the EA's consistent profitability and adherence to trading rules.

4. Fully Automated Trading   - Funded Trend EA operates on a fully automated basis, allowing traders to benefit from its sophisticated algorithms without manual intervention. This automation ensures that trades are executed precisely and timely.

5. Optimized for Live Funded Accounts   - The EA is specifically optimized for use with live funded accounts provided by prop firms. It adheres to the risk management and profit targets required by these firms, making it an ideal choice for traders seeking funding.

Performance and Verification

The following images illustrate the exceptional performance of the Funded Trend EA, verified through live trading accounts.

Certificate of Recognition

- This certificate acknowledges the successful evaluation of the EA, demonstrating its ability to meet trading objectives and maintain strict risk management.

Detailed Trading Report

- The report showcases key metrics such as gross profit, profit factor, total trades, and drawdown. The balance graph illustrates the steady growth achieved by the EA.

Account Dashboard

- This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the EA's performance on a live funded account. Key metrics such as daily loss limit, max loss limit, and profit target are displayed, indicating the EA's compliance with prop firm requirements.



The Funded Trend EA is a powerful and reliable trading tool for Forex traders looking to leverage prop firm funded accounts. With its multi-pair trading capability, MT4 compatibility, verified performance, and full automation, it stands out as a premier solution for achieving consistent trading success. The included images provide concrete evidence of the EA's effectiveness and reliability in live trading environments.



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